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Rent a charging station


Nowadays you never cope with everyday life without a smartphone, don’t you? You  have probably charging opportunities only at home or in office. But what if you have no battery on the way? For fairs and other events we have the solution. Rent a charging station and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

To our rent models


At fairs or events it is not only a matter of learning about new products. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. Who knows if one day your business partner in future will come across or you’ll find your largest-scale customer at a fair? Almost everyone saves contacts in their smartphones because it’s fast and easy. But what if your smartphone is out of charge? The networking stops suddenly.


At a number of different events we have already shown. Due to the fact that sockets are rare we work closely with event planners and offer the possibility to charge easily smartphones. Charging is of course for free. Moreover the operating is very user-friendly. We have also small charging stations like rentable batterie stations in our portfolio. The idea of renting charging stations was well received, thus it’s our primary segment of business activities.


If you want to rent a charging station right now, just give us a ring. Together with you, we will talk about your expectations and requirements. Then we will put together a customized package containing an individual offer for you. In order to create a new kind of event experience, one that will engage and satisfy visitors in innovative ways, AKKUMAT has the solution to remove all the obstacles and providing effective networking. Furthermore all charging stations can be customized. Special attention be given to our model LOCKSTATION ST: This model has in addition to the advertising screen also an illuminated poster surface for custom artwork. All parties involved benefit from this close cooperation. You can have an additional income with an innovative advertising space, the advertiser positive advertisement messages and the visitors keep you and your customers in mind. Our charging stations became an important trend, which are soon indispensable at all big events. Convince yourself.


The procedure is very simple: You call us and we provide you with comprehensive consultation and, together with you, we determine which machine you really need. When the order has been received, we send you templates for branding. Upon completion you tell us your delivery address and contact person so that we can send the charging stations directly to your event.

1. Advice by AKKUMAT

2. Free reservation of needed charging stations up to 4 weeks before the event

3. Shipment of branding print datas / manufacturing- and lead time: 2 weeks

4. Delivery / 1 business day before the event begins

5. 24h telephone support during the event

6. Collection / 1 business day after the event

7. Further planning

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General questions

What is the minimum renting duration per AKKUMAT? + -

One day.

Are all models available for rent? + -

Our wall-mounted models have to be permanently installed and therefore aren’t suitable for rent.

Can each charging station be branded with individual advertising? + -

Yes. Each model has a different advertising space.

Can I take the charging station in an exhibitor brochure? + -

Yes. We are happy to send you neutral marketing materials.

Yes. During the event. + -

Ja. Während einer Veranstaltung.

Processing and shipment questions

Is the setting up of the chargers included? + -

The chargers will delivered presentation-ready. On the spot, simply take it out of the box and plug it, that’s it! The charging stations are immediately ready for use. There is no assembly.

When will be the charging station delivered and picked up again? + -

Goods are always delivered one business day before your event and picked up again one business day after your event. If your event ends on Saturday or Sunday we take it back on the following Monday.

Do I need a local contact person? + -

Yes. We work with extern forwarders and thus the process must be calculated separately.

How will the free-standing models be shipped? + -

They will be shipped in a robust wood packaging.

What are the dimensions of the wood packaging? + -

The wood packaging for the model “Lockstation ST” hat the external dimensions 96 x 69 x 211 cm (L x W x H).

Is there a technical support? + -

During the event you have a 24h telephone support.  Efforts required onsite will be charged separately.

Welche Fristen für eine Reservierung/Stornierung muss ich beachten? + -

Gerne können wir Ihnen die notwendige Anzahl an Ladestationen reservieren. So haben Sie genug Zeit das Budget zu klären bzw. die Werbeflächen an Sponsoren anzubieten. Falls die Ladestation nicht benötigt wird, freuen wir uns über eine Stornierung der Reservierung bis 4 Wochen vor der Veranstaltung.

Technical questions

Can the charging station with lockers also be used for free? + -

The coin collector is only an option. For instance our charging stations for fairs and events will usually be delivered without coin collectors and thus can be used for free.

How can the lockers be sealed off? + -

Each of our locker-models are all-electric. Therefore there is no personal needed and the customer can easily use the charging station. The electric closing of the lockers used to be operated with an individual PIN of the customer.

What happens if a customer forgets his or her PIN? + -

You get an emergency key for manual opening of each locker. Moreover on the integrated admin-menu is also a tool for manual opening of the lockers in case of emergency.

Does the charging station need an access to high voltage? + -

No. Information relating to the consumption can be found under the category “Charging Stations”.

What conditions must be locally met for installing the charging station? + -

It’s very simple. Each charging station is equipped with a Schuko plug and needs to be connected to the electrical power supply (230V).

Can I use the charging stations outdoors? + -

Our charging stations have no rain protection and should be installed only at roofed places.

What mobile phones can be charged? + -

Over 95% of all smartphones can be charged. Each free-standing, wall-mounted and table-top model has Apple Lightning, Apple 30 PIN, Mini- and Micro USB ports. Of course we can also provide special connections.

Will the smartphones be charged up faster than somewhere else? + -

No. Each smartphone would immediately stop a “quick-charge” to protect the battery.

Are the Apple charging cables certified? + -

Yes. All Apple charging cables are MFI certified – “Made For IDevices”.

Can the menu be set up in multiple languages? + -

Yes. Each free-standing and wall-mounted model offers individual settings and different languages. Just ask us for further informations.

Can on the advertising screens also be played individual videos? + -

Yeah. We need the files not later than 1 week before the event via mail or as external file link.

What file format is needed? + -


What resolution should have the video? + -

1920 x 1080 px

Branding questions

Which branding packages can I use? + -

In case of our standard-model “Lockstation ST” for rent:
1.) advertising screen and illuminated poster surface
2.) advertising screen and illuminated poster surface + fullbranding

For further branding details please have a look at our product brochure, which we would love to send after contacting.

What is needed for fullbranding? + -

We send you a branding template for the particular model.

What deadlines must be observed? + -

Manufacturing and the application of the branding take time. Please pay attention to the following time limits:

Fullbranding: 4 weeks before the event

Advertising screen: 1 week before the event

Poster surface branding: 2 weeks before the event

Contact us!

Do you have any questions, comments, or interest in our charging stations? Contact or call us!